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Where are the windows of Tisquizoque and how to get there?

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Florián is a municipality located in Santander. It is the perfect destination if you love adventure, nature and hiking.


If this is your case we invite you to continue reading this article because here you will find the necessary information to make your trip and tour better than you expect. You can solve the following questions: How to get there? Where can you stay? What can you do in Florian? and all those questions that cross your mind when choosing a destination to travel.


Santander is a department privileged by nature; it has thousands of green hectares that fall in love with its landscapes. Find out more about this plan by clicking here. It’s time to discover what Florian, Santander brings to you!


How to get to Florian, Santander?


Florián is located in the department of Santander, Colombia, 195 km from Bogotá and 275 km from Bucaramanga. It is a place rich in water sources, biodiversity and lush natural attractions, being an excellent destination for nature lovers. It is a paradise for ecotourism!


How to get from Bogotá?


From Bogota you take the route that passes through Cajicá, Zipaquirá, Ubaté, Susa, Chiquinquirá until you reach Puente Nacional. It’s about 150 km away or two and a half hours in time. From there you continue to the village Jesús María, you have to go through the main park of Puente Nacional to find the road that leads to the town, they are 18 km or an hour of travel. There, in Jesús María, it is 48 km to reach our destination "Florián". It will take an hour and a half to travel. Remember that the road is uncovered in this last route, but that is not daunting at the time of arriving and observe such an imposing waterfall framed in mountains and the sky of Santander.


If you need public transport to get to Florian you can find it with the company Reina and Copetran that will take you to the National Bridge for a value of COP $30,000 to 40,000 and from there a van to get to Florian for an approximate value of COP $25,000 in the following times (6 a.m. - 12 p.m.- 3 p.m.) 


How to get from Bucaramanga?


From Bucaramanga you take the Via Bogota until you reach the municipality of Puente Nacional, then the town called Jesús María and finally you find Florián. It is approximately 275 km away, eight hours in time, and the last 48 km are uncovered.


To travel by public transport from Bucaramanga you take a route that reaches Barbosa, the routes are frequent as many companies travel to that destination and has a value of COP $40,000, and there through the Ricaurte route that travels at the following times (5 a.m.- 7 a.m.- 9 a.m.- 1 pm - 4 p.m.) you arrive in Florian for a value of COP $18,000. Also the company Transsander makes this tour at times (6 p.m.- 3 p.m.) with a cost of COP$18,000.


What can you do in Florian, Santander?


The windows of Tisquizoque


Florián, Santander "The city of open windows" has different natural attractions such as: Charco azul, Cerro de los venados, Chiconal, Brazuelos, Charco Paila and its main attraction Las Ventanas de Tisquizoque, place with greater prominence.


The route to get to Florian is also accompanied by the Las Ventas ravine, which is the ravine that forms an impressive waterfall Santandereana and breaks the mountain to form an amazing cave that ends in a window from where the municipality is observed, the landscapes of the region and which ends in a free fall of 300 m. Its fall is divided into three parts which makes it unique and majestic.

Getting to the windows of Tisquizoque is very easy; these are located about 500 m before reaching the urban area of the municipality. Its entrance is signposted by a door built in stone with the name of the place. The next step is to descend a series of stairs. and then cross a suspension bridge and finally ascend to the entrance of the cave of Tisquizoque that was inhabited by the natives with the same name "Izqui Soques'' and endowed with a touch of mystery because this cave was a sacred place for them and has multiple stories. The entrance is also guarded by a sculpture of a dinosaur rex made of stone, but that is not at all impressive because the cave is beautiful for its darkness, humidity and stalagmites and stalactites that adorn it. Inside it there is also a small suspension bridge to reach the window where you can see the municipality and the typical landscapes of the region. When you are there you must be careful and follow signs and indications to avoid any kind of accident. ¡ It is an amazing place that can only be reached by walking and enjoying the outdoors! 


You can also complement this visit by descending to the "Blue Puddle" destination of the waterfall Tisquizoque. In this place you will feel the cool breeze of the water as it falls and it's imposing. Definitely enjoy the walk through the trees and taking a swim in its waters is the best experience. If you take the guided tour of the locals this experience will be better; they are the ones who know the stories behind each place and provide the best for your trip to be a success.


Las Gemelas


This beautiful waterfall has 2 waterfalls, one 50 meters from the other in the middle of the beautiful nature that surrounds it. The first waterfall has the highest fall while the second is lower, but has a well that will allow you to rest.

This place is located 1 hour and a half walking from the town of Florián, on the road that leads to the municipality of La Belleza, behind the Cerro El Venado. This waterfall is also recognized as La Chorrera, where you can enjoy a moment of tranquility and nature perfect for adventure.


Panoramic view of the City of Open Windows


If you want a photo that contrasts the beauty of the windows of Tisquizoque and the municipality of Florian here has an excellent angle for such experiences.  Remember that their village was born more than 100 years ago. You can not miss the opportunity to delight with that wonderful view that takes you back to the past.


Pico de La Guara


This place is located in La Peña de Tisquizoque with an approximate height of 1990 m.s.n.m. to 4 Km of the urban area or 40 minutes on foot. It is a majestic site that shows the immensity of our ecosystem. This place causes great adrenaline to visitors and foreigners by high altitude, it is special for those people who like to make walks outdoors.


La Villa Olímpica


The Olympic Village is one of the main places that have made this municipality a tourist center at departmental level. It has a soccer field with all the regulations and standards required by Coldeportes and is equipped with bleachers, electrical installations and drains; it also has two sports centers that allow all its residents to enjoy a healthy fun. In addition, there you can find a municipal swimming pool (semi-Olympic)  with capacity for 300 people. It offers to all tourists and children of the region a large bar, jacuzzi and other services. Their opening hours are: Wednesday to Monday from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Where can you sleep in Florian?

Refugio Munay


At Refugio Munay, you’ll find a place to relax outdoors, climb incredible limestone caves, hike, spelunk, bike or just dive into the refreshing, crystalline rivers that exist in and around Florian.


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They offer different types of accommodation:


  • Casa “Gue”: from COP $250,000 per night
  • Cabañas Tucán y Colibrí: from COP $160.000 per night
  • Camping “Muizane” for 1 person: from COP $25.000 per night
  • Camping “Muizane” for 3 people: from COP $75.000 per night
  • Camping “Muizane” for 2 people: from COP $50.000 per night


Hotel La Cascadas


  • Location: Street 3 # 1B -176, Florián, Santander
  • Contact: 320 828 0472
  • Double room: from COP $50,000 (per couple) with private bathroom and TV


Hotel Casa Loma


  • Location: Street 3 N # 1B - 123, Florián, Santander
  • Contact: 320 492 5624
  • Double room: from COP $50.000 (per couple) with private bathroom and TV


Hotel Guaymaral


  • Location: Street 3 # 1B – 153, Florián, Santander
  • Contact: 312 4347137 – 313 890 1331
  • Email: hotelguaymaral@gmail.com
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hotelguaymaral
  • Double room: from COP $50.000 (per couple) with private bathroom and TV



Where can you eat in Florian?


In the urban area you will find different restaurants where the typical dishes are the main menu. So don’t worry, this experience is the best option.

La Merienda Restaurante y comidas rápidas


  • Location: Carrera 3 # 3 – 37, Barrio La Alegría, Florián.
  • Contact: 312 462 5684 – 311 284 7372
  •  Super Broaster La Florianense
  • Location: Street 3 # 1B- 186, Florián, Santander
  • Contact: 310 3320024


Restaurante Doña Ceci

  • Location: The place is ahead of the Agrarian Bank in the village of Florian
  • Contact: 320 2693996


Restaurante Los Juanes


  • Location: Street 2 # 67, Buenos Aires, Florián – Santander
  • Contact: 311 467 61 42


Restaurante Ronal

  • Location: Street 4 # 1B -113, Florián, Santander.
  • Contact: 313 355 1507


Asadero y Restaurante La Alegría


  • Location: Street 3 # 3 - 38, La Alegría, Florián, Santander.
  • Contact: 321 900 69 85

Restaurante El Charquito Americano


  • Location: Carrera 2 # 2 - 34, Florián, Santander
  • Contact: 323 2326506

Restaurante Azucoco


Location: Loma de Vélez Neighborhood, in front of the Casa Loma Hotel

Contact: 314 240 21 09


Comidas Rápidas Gourmet45


Location: Street 2nd – 145 Loma de Vélez Neighborhood, Florián- Santander

Contact: 310 843 9143


What should you take to Florian?


Bring only what is necessary, without forgetting the following:

  •         Repellent
  •         Sunscreen.
  •         Shoes for walks and to get wet.
  •         Preferably bring cash with you.


It is a place where tranquility will allow you to rest, pause and enjoy the view; from any angle you can take in a great landscape. Without forgetting the spectacular view from its window of Tizquisoque that gives you a fantastic experience and invites you to explore its trails, waterfalls and lush nature. What do you need to start this adventure?

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